Trip report DFW – HNL American Airlines flight 5

I started out on flight number 5 a direct flight from DFW to HNL. I was surprised to see my seat had changed the night before the flight and was not sure why.

As it turns out they had changed the EQ to the updated 767 with the new flat seats in First.

The crew that was on board had never seen this configuration and were unfamiliar with the seat operation. I consider myself a semi intelligent person but it took me a few minutes to get the tray table operation figured out. You have to pull and lift to the left /right so it will pop up otherwise it is right down on your lap.  The service was very good and the food was almost spot on.

It just seemed somehow smaller or cramped. I know it should not have as it was all aisle  access from every seat and that was great. All in all a very good flight. One that I would take again if only to see if I am wrong about the new seats.




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